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We insure your vehicle for its market value while it's on hire. Your own private insurance will be not affected, as our insurance takes precedence. This also means your premiums will not go up in case of an accident.

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Payment Handling

We handle all payments that the traveller makes and deposit your share directly into your bank account after the hire. We also hold a security bond on the travellers credit card in case of any potential problems occurring.

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Roadside Assistance

We coordinate any required roadside assistance in case your traveller has a damage and cannot continue driving.

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Customer Support

Our customer support helps owners and travellers resolving any issues via phone, chat or email.

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Advertising of your listing

Through our own marketing channels we will promote our overall service as well as your specific listing to ensure you get maximum exposure to travellers looking to rent.

Info & Downloads

We provide all important documents that are needed for the hire. This includes a handover report, contracts, checklists and much more.

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