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Australia’s most isolated city is also the most isolated city in the world, and for this reason alone it is often overlooked. But any adventurer will tell you that Perth is not to be missed, what with its laid-back lifestyle, stunning beaches, cultural institutions and architectural heritage. It is home to landmarks like King’s Park, the Round House, the Perth Zoo and the Swan Bells, as well as a plethora of other magnificent sites. Plus, it is the capital city and gateway to Western Australia and its surfing beaches, beautiful bays, deserts and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Not to mention places like the Margaret River, Shark Bay and Mount Augustus. Organising a campervan hire in Perth will not only let you explore Western Australia at your own pace but will also awaken all of your senses.

Useful Information Campervan Hire Perth

Arriving in Perth for your RV Holiday

If you’re flying into Perth you’ll arrive at Perth Airport, which is located around a 15-minute drive from the city centre in the City of Swan. This is the country’s fourth busiest airport, serving both international and domestic destinations. In fact, over 30 airlines utilise the airport, connecting Perth to over 50 destinations around the globe. Tonkin Highway links all four terminals to the Perth CBD, with taxis, charter buses and public buses making the journey. It is also possible to arrange with the owner of your hired motorhome to meet you there, which is something that can be organised when you make your reservations with SHAREaCAMPER. After you meet with the campervan owner, you will need to give yourself around 45 minutes before setting off. This will give you the time that you need to fill out the Vehicle Handover Form. It will also allow the owner to explain all of the details of your motorhome rental in Perth so that you know all that you need to about the vehicle before starting on your road trip.

Perth Airport serves the city as well as the rest of Western Australia. In fact, it is the state’s only international airport, making the city that much more ideal for anyone that wants to hire a motorhome in Perth. And the best part is that there is a large selection of campsites right in the city, so you can stay in your RV rental in Perth while exploring the city and stocking up on anything you may need for your campervan adventure. There are camping supply shops all over the city for picking up any items that you may need for your road trip, like first-aid kits, hiking gear or fishing gear, as well as shops for getting all of your boating needs. You should also think about picking up things like maps, guidebooks and fishing guides. The Fremantle Markets is an essential stop before heading off on any Perth campervan hire, though it is only open up on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Throughout the rest of the week, you can grab all of your road trip necessities at any supermarket in the city. Coles is the largest supermarket chain in Perth, having locations in most areas of the city. They are only open until 9 pm, so be sure to plan accordingly.

After you have grabbed everything that you for your campervan holiday, rest at one of the many campervan parks in the city to enjoy all of the sights. The bus network in Perth is reliable and very inexpensive, making it easy to tour the city without having to drive around in your vehicle. Doing this also means that you can avoid paying the high parking rates and that you don’t have to comply with the maximum amount of time you can park on the street, which is not long within the city centre. Instead, take public transportation to famous attractions like the Barracks Arch, Stirling Gardens, the Old Mill and Jacob's Ladder. If you are a fashionista, be sure to check out the latest style by taking a stroll along King Street, or go bargain hunting in Harbour Town. If you are visiting Perth with the kid’s, you will want to be sure to take them to Adventure World, the Ivey Watson Playground and Lotterywest Family Area.

No visit to Perth is complete without wandering around the historical area of Fremantle, a historic port town that has since been enveloped by the greater Perth metropolis. Sitting at the mouth of the Swan River, it is Western Australia’s main port and also a major tourist destination. Here, you will find some phenomenal historical architecture like Round House, Fremantle Prison and the Fremantle Arts Centre. A walking tour of the Fremantle West End Heritage area is highly recommended, though there are plenty of other places to enjoy a stroll in this city to admire its magnificent architecture. Walking tour maps of Fremantle are quite easy to get hold of. Then there are the beaches, particularly the ones along the Sunset Coast in the northern half of Perth. A fantastic way to really enjoy this stretch of coast is by driving your Perth campervan hire along the scenic Sunset Coast Tourist Drive.

Being the second largest city in the country means that Perth stretches quite far in all directions, resulting in a plethora of things to see and do. Included in this is the Swan Valley wine region that is known for its rich soil and fabulous wineries. There are also some fabulous restaurants in this area of the city that can easily be reached by motorhome, as can the wineries in the area. Still, there are places to wine and dine all over Perth, regardless of your budget. You can also, of course, opt to play chef in your motorhome, which is a great way to prepare yourself for your holiday on the road. If you do eat out, be sure to try local specialities like crayfish or chilli mussels, followed by an excellent espresso along the famous Cafe Strip in Fremantle or a cocktail in one of the many bars in the Northbridge area. 

Perth is well connected by road to its surroundings, making it easy to enjoy day trips in your motorhome rental in Perth. Margaret River is one of the most popular destinations outside of the city thanks to its phenomenal wine and food. About half a days drive east of Margaret River is an incredible surf-shaped rock formation Wave Rock just outside of the town, Hayden. Hayden has a lot to off in the for of other attractions like Mulka's cave and The Lace Place - Lace Museum. 

Rent a campervan in Perth and explore further afar to some of the more remote areas of Western Australia. You can easily spend upwards of a month driving around this state, which makes up one-third of the entire country! Drive north and east along the coast all the way to the tourist town of Broome, enjoying the scenery and stopping at various beaches along the way. From here, you can even continue east to see the magnificent wildlife and landscapes at the incredible Purnululu National Park. Head south along the coast to the rugged D'Entrecasteaux National Park, continuing east along the coast of the Great Australian Bight to the Fitzgerald River National Park and the Cape Le Grand National Park.

The possibilities for a memorable road trip are endless in this part of Australia, with most areas being fairly easy to reach by road. Renting an RV in Perth will give you the freedom to really get to the heart of this part of the country and truly enjoy an adventure on the road. Even some of the most remote areas of the state are accessible by road, albeit unsealed ones; but they can be reached with a 4WD motorhome. In short, no matter what area of Western Australia you want to explore, SHAREaCAMPER is sure to have a vehicle to suit your needs, offering everything from a converted Toyota Landcruiser to a cosy 6-berth motorhome.

Campervans in Perth: A City Guide for Motorhome Hires

If you plan on exploring Western Australia, then Perth is the perfect place to start any campervan adventure. Rent a campervan in Perth to expand your horizons by exploring this magnificent part of the country.

Best Time of Year for Motorhome Holidays

Spring is the best time of the year to explore Western Australia by motorhome rental, as the flowers are in bloom, the desert a little bit cooler and rain is at a minimum. Despite it's reputation for dry heat, Perth gets its fair share of rain. On a clear day it can get quite hot (upwards of 31°C). In fact, it is also the sunniest capital city in the country with an average of 2,300 hours of sunshine per year. Autumn is also a fabulous time for a motorhome holiday, as it is also dryer and cooler. Summers can get quite hot in Perth, but the further south you drive the cooler it will become. Perth itself is best visited in spring and fall, but Western Australia as a whole can be enjoyed throughout the entire year.

  • If you are exploring the west in the summer (December to February) you will want to rent a campervan in Perth that has an awning to enjoy sitting outside in the shade.
  • Travellers that are touring around in the winter (June to August) may want to consider hiring a vehicle with heat in the cabin.
  • There is quite a lot of rainfall in Perth, so a 4WD vehicle may be a good idea, especially if your road trip is in the winter.
  • It can get extremely hot in the summer, so having a vehicle with air-conditioning is probably a good idea.

Caravan Parks and Campgrounds

Regardless of whether you’re cruising around in a campervan or are towing a caravan, there are plenty of places to park your caravan not only right in Perth, but also in other parts of Western Australia. In fact, no matter which way you choose to drive there is sure to be a caravan park to suit your fancy, many of which have added features like a swimming pool, picnic area, playground and shop. Some are located right along the coast, while others are more inland. As well, some are 100 per cent pet-friendly, while others would prefer that you leave your furry friend at home.

If you want to be close to the heart of the city, park your campervan hire just seven kilometres away at the Central Caravan Park. From here, you can take a bus directly into the Perth CBD, or you can stay in the area and enjoy a stroll along the Swan River. The park features a swimming pool, free WiFi, a laundromat and a communal kitchen. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed here, but they are welcome at Discovery Parks - Perth Airport, which is an excellent choice if you are setting off on your adventure the day after arriving at the airport. Their sister park Discovery Parks - Coogee Beach gives you the best of both worlds; access to the beach and the city. No pets are allowed at this one, but having direct access to the beach and being just 30 minutes away from the Perth CBD almost makes up for it. There is a bus stop just out front of the caravan park that will take you to Fremantle, or you can drive there yourself.

Once you leave the city there are even more campgrounds to choose from, so you will have no trouble staying somewhere within your budget along the route that you are taking. Margaret River Tourist Park is an excellent choice if you are enjoying a weekend escape in this famous wine region. The powered sites are just AUD $36 per night, which includes use of the BBQ facilities, playground and swimming pool. If Wave Rock is on the top of your list of things to see, then stay at the Wave Rock Caravan Park. This dog friendly park has ensuite powered suites, cabins and powered sites that are great for any motorhome. If you’re taking your road trip further, the Pink Lake Tourist Park is an excellent choice when driving along the coast of the Great Australian Bight. It’s surrounded by forest and just steps away from the beach and the coastal town of Esperance. If you are heading driving north through the magnificent Sunset Coast to Western Australia’s Coral Coast, BIG4 Dongara Denison Beach Holiday Park is highly recommended and has a wide variety of accommodation options to choose from. Of course, if you enjoy being hooked up to the grid and like your air conditioning you may want will want a powered site, all of which are in a shaded area with plenty of space. Or stay at Bullara Station, which is located right within a cattle station between Coral Bay and Exmouth.

Other Accommodation Options

If you are looking forward to staying in the city for a few nights before starting your campervan adventure, there are more than enough accommodation options to choose from. Average room rates in Perth are a bit higher than in other cities across Australia, but it is possible to find budget-friendly options in various areas within Perth. The City Centre has the largest concentration of hotels to choose from, though Fremantle also has its fair share of excellent options. For less expensive rooms in the city, Northbridge is your best bet.

Fothergills of Fremantle

Located in Fremantle, this is one of the oldest hotels in the city, dating back to 1892. It sits on the slope of Monument Hill overlooking the city and the ocean, and is just as grand today as the day that it opened. The hotel is decorated with local artwork and pottery that match the Colonial 19th century houses in the area. Rooms are extremely luxurious with furnishing to match the history of the building, with the added touch of modern amenities.

Hyatt Regency Perth

The Hyatt Regency Perth sits in the city centre overlooking the Swan River. It is an exceptional property that is true to the Hyatt name, boasting over 360 spacious rooms that have all been expertly decorated to ensure guests have all that they would ever need to keep them comfortable while staying in the city. This is all matched by its award-winning café, stylish European coffee terrace and tranquil spa.

Terrace Hotel

This sophisticated hotel sits right in the heart of the CBD in the heritage listed St George’s House. It is an award-winning property that is known for its exceptional service, fabulous dining options, and magnificent rooms and suites that feature the finest furniture and furnishings. Everything in this hotel matches the Victorian and Edwardian eras in which the building was originally built, with modern touches to ensure the utmost of comfort to their guests.

Things to Do

Kings Park – The largest inner city park in the world, this 400 hectare park sits right in the Perth CBD. Two-thirds of the park is made up of protected native bush land, with the rest being made up of grassed parkland and botanical gardens. Kings Park is home to over 320 species of native plants, 215 indigenous fungi species and 80 species of birds. Sitting within the massive park is the Western Australian Botanic Garden, Synergy Parkland, Lotterywest Family Area and the Aboriginal Art Gallery.

Fremantle Prison – This former prison closed its doors in 1991 and today is one of the most visited attractions in Perth. The UNESCO World Heritage site opened its doors to the public in 2001, showcasing around 15,000 items connected to the prison’s history. It also features an art gallery that displays artwork by current and ex-prisoners throughout Western Australia. Visitors can go on a tour and experience what it was like to be held in the maximum security prison, or they can listen to stories of daring escape attempts. It is also possible to go 20 metres below the prison to explore the tunnels that were built by prisoners.

Old Mill – Built in 1835 and operating until 1859, the Old Mill is one of Perth’s most famous landmarks. In its heyday, the mill produced around 680 kilograms of flour per day. The mill is open seven days a week, although guided tours are only offered from Tuesday to Friday.

Cottesloe Beach – This has been voted as one of the best family-friendly beaches in the world and it is not hard to see why. Cottesloe Beach is the perfect place to spend a day away from the city centre in order to cool off and soak up the sun. It also happens to be one of Western Australia’s most popular city beaches, renowned for its laid-back atmosphere and the beautiful architecture of the Indiana Tea House. It has been a popular destination for both Sandgropers and visitors for over 100 years.

Swan Valley – Western Australia’s oldest wine region is a great place to tour around, having 40 different wineries to visit. Go on a guided tour or follow the scenic Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail to tease your taste buds; dining in fine restaurants and sipping extraordinary wines. There are over 150 different places to stop on this 32-kilometre loop, including ice cream parlours, chocolatiers and microbreweries. Swan Valley specialises in chenin blanc, chardonnay, verdelho, cabernet and shiraz varieties.

Round House – The Roundhouse is Western Australia’s oldest public building. It was built in 1831 to be used as a prison, and was used as such until 1886. It later became a police lock-up, accommodation for the water police and a storage facility for Fremantle Ports, in that order. It became a tourist site in 1982, and as well as just visiting the historic building, it is also often used as a wedding venue.

Adventure World – This is a must for anyone travelling with kids or for bringing out the kid in you. This theme park is located around 20 kilometres from the Perth CBD, boasting over thrilling 35 rides. It is home to world-class attractions like the roller coaster “Abyss”, the enchanting “Dragon’s Kingdom” and “Kraken”, which is the longest, tallest and steepest Funnel water slide in the world. Adventure World is open seven months per year, being closed throughout the winter months.

National Parks to Visit

Around 24 kilometres east of the CBD is Western Australia’s first national park; the John Forrest National Park. The 2,600 hectare park sits at the edge of the Darling Scarp and can easily be reached by RV. The park is home to around 10 species of mammals, 23 species of reptiles and 10 frog species. There are also over 90 species of birds living in the park, two of which are in need of protection. John Forrest National Park also has some stunning landscapes, like the 20-metre high National Park Falls and the beautiful cascading Hovea Falls. There are a number of trails within the park that can be hiked or enjoyed on horseback. There is even a scenic drive. But unfortunately, there is no camping permitted within the park, though there are a few camping grounds not too far away.

Avon Valley National Park is located 47 kilometres northeast of the CBD. It is a beautiful park in a rolling plateau with valley surrounding it down to the Avon River, which is around 200 metres below. The park is known for its Jarrah, Marri and Wandoo trees, and the 90 different bird species that live within them. There are also some magnificent plants and flowers that bloom in the spring, which just add to the magnificence of the park. Although there are plenty of opportunities to go bushwalking in the Avon Valley National Park, there are no marked trails. Be sure to stay on paths while you keep your eyes open for wallabies, kangaroos, chuditch, pygmy and echidnas. There are four camping sites within the park, two of which can accommodate your motorhome hire in Perth.

Events and Festivals

City of Perth Skyworks- January 26

This fantastic fireworks festival takes place each year on Australia Day. It is perhaps Perth’s most popular annual event, with the show going on for around 30 minutes. Watch the sky light up above the CBD as fireworks are launched from barges within the Perth Water. There is a different theme each year, though one thing that remains the same is that the fireworks are choreographed to music. This is the largest fireworks celebration to take place on Australia Day in the entire country!

St. Jerome's Laneway Festival – January/February

Referred to by locals as Laneway, this indie music festival started in Melbourne in 2005 and expanded to Perth in 2009. Since then it has attracted thousands of people and indie musicians from all over the world. A few past performers include Stereolab, Cut Off Your Hands, the Foals, M83, Vance Joy and Gang of Youths. 

Perth International Arts Festival– February/March

Australia’s longest running cultural festival features music, opera, theatre, dance and visual arts. The festival was created in 1953 and artists from all over the globe have participated in the annual event, making it famous all over the world. Big performances that have taken place at the festival include Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Bon Iver, the opera Batavia, Gotan Project, DJ Shadow and Public Enemy.

Sculpture by the Sea – October/November

This is the largest annual outdoor sculpture exhibition in Australia, taking place in both Perth and Sydney. Sculpture by the Sea started in Perth in 2005 and is held at Cottesloe Beach. Over 70 artists participate in the exhibition each year, with sculptures being displayed from the sea, all along the sand towards North Cottesloe and on the surrounding grassed areas. Artists from all over the world submit pieces for this phenomenal event in the hopes of winning the sculpture of the year award.

Sports and Recreation

Aussie Rules football (AFL), or footy as called by the locals, is by far the most popular sport in Perth. An amateur should definitely head to Subiaco Oval to take in a game, especially if you're lucky enough to be in town when the West Coast Eagles are up against the Fremantle Dockers. Games between these long-standing rivals are called the Western Derby and tickets are hard to come by. If you would prefer to take in a soccer, then the Perth Glory is the team to watch. 

Both the Subiaco Oval and nib Stadium are centrally located, so it could be difficult to find somewhere to park your RV during a game. Both of these stadiums heavily restrict parking areas around the ground on game days, meaning that street parking will be hard to come by. You’re much better off parking at one of the city’s many park-n-ride train stations and taking public transportation to the game. West Leederville Station is the train station you want to head to for games at Subiaco Oval, while both the Claisebrook and East Perth Stations are within walking distance of nib Stadium.

Food and Drink

Perth has a fantastic selection of restaurants, although. There is also the famous ‘cappuccino strip’ in Fremantle, while the Fisherman's Wharf is known for its fabulous fish and chips. The largest selection of restaurants and bars in Perth is in the city centre, although where ever you go you are sure to be able to get a decent meal.

Little Creatures

Since its founding in the year 2000, Little Creatures has matured into one of Australia's most accomplished and celebrtaed brewers. This harbour-side brewery and restuarant has quickly become a Fremantle institution. Sit either inside amongst the brewing equipment or outside overlooking Fremantle's Fisherman's Wharf and sample its fine gastro-pub fare and try its world class beer. 

C Restaurant

The views are arguably better than the food at this upmarket restaurant that is located on the 33rd floor of St. Martins Tower. That does not mean that guests will leave feeling dissatisfied, as only the best and freshest ingredients are used throughout the menu to be sure that the food is as memorable as the restaurant’s 360 degree views of the city. This is matched with an excellent wine list that includes a selection from the Margaret River region as well as other regions across the country.

The National Hotel

Located in Fremantle, this is the oldest hotel in the city, first opening its doors in the 1880s. It was almost completely destroyed by a fire in 2007, but has since been completely refurbished apart from the façade, which is the historic building’s original. The four-level building is now a trendy watering-hole that is designed in the Federation Free Style of architecture. The food is predominately high-end pub grub and the drink menu is filled with craft beer, cider, bubbly and local wines.

Wolf Lane

You will feel like you are in a fairy tale the moment you set foot in this eclectic bar that is filled with objects from around the world that have been collected over the past 90 years. It is well worth walking down the alley to the rear of the building to enter this whimsical bar, with the best way to describe it being Alice in Wonderland and Red Riding Hood meet Snow White. Add to this the excellent mixology of the bar staff and you are sure to have a night that you will never forget.

Public Transport

The city’s reliable transportation network makes it easy to get around without having to drive your motorhome rental. There are over 800 bus routes within the city’s metropolitan area, with 99 of these routes serving the inner city alone. Some of these city routes (CAT) are zero-fare bus routes that are provided by the city. There are also five main suburban rail lines that combined give the city a total of 70 railways stations. For a more scenic way to travel, take the ferry service across the Swan River, which runs between Elizabeth Quay (Perth CBD) and the South Perth shoreline. In short, no matter where in Perth you want to go, you can definitely do it by using public transportation.

Transperth is responsible for all public transportation within Perth and its metropolitan area. Fares are calculated on a zone-based system and can be paid by purchasing a ticket from vending machines at train stations, from bus drivers or from a ferry wharf. Be sure to pick up a SmartRider card if you plan on doing more than a handful of trips.

Perth: The Ultimate Guide to Motorhome Road Trips

Once you have finished enjoying everything that Perth has to offer you can look forward to starting your real adventure on the road. Western Australia is over 2.6 million square kilometres and is packed with a diverse range of natural features. This should be of no surprise, as the state stretches from the Timor Sea north to the Great Australian Bight, and from the Indian Ocean east to the desert. There is so much natural beauty to see in Western Australia that you will be in awe no matter which direction you decide to take.

Drive north from Perth along the stunning coastline to see the beautiful beaches, the magnificent Ningaloo Reef and the dolphins at Monkey Mia. Or head south along the coast to enjoy the Margaret River wine region, followed by a phenomenal journey east through the Southern Forests. If the outback is what you fancy, drive east to the Little Sandy Desert or to the Karlamilyi National Park. The opportunities are endless in Western Australia, regardless what you are after.

Driving Itineraries

Perth to Broome Loop

Truly take in Australia’s west coast by jumping in your RV and driving north along the coast all the way to Broome. The journey is a whopping 2,300 kilometres each way, taking around 2 days to make the full loop without any stops. But there are so many amazing things to see as you drive north along National Highway 1 and National Route 1, including the limestone pillars at Pinnacles Desert, the magnificent gorges and cliffs in the Kalbarri National Park, the Monkey Mia dolphins and the incredible Ningaloo Reef. Not to mention the plethora of mesmerising beaches that you can relax on. And that’s just along the first stretch of the coastline. There is also the Cape Range National Park, the rock formations at Marble Bar and the stunning Eighty Mile Beach. On the way back, take a detour after Port Headland and drive south along National Highway 95 through the interior of Western Australia so that you can enjoy the majestic scenery in the Karijini National Park and admire Mount Augustus.

Perth to Adelaide

The 3,200 kilometre drive along the coast of the Indian Ocean and the Great Australian Bight will take you through one of the world's great deserts (the Nullarbor plain) and into an oasis of wine country. There are a couple of different routes, but it is recommended to first head south along State Route 2 and National Route 1 to Robertson Drive/State Route 10 so that you can enjoy the Margaret River wine region. Afterwards, continue along State Route 10 and then go left onto Brockman Highway/State Route 10. This will then take you on a scenic drive through the Southern Forests. When you hit a fork in the road, stay right on Stewart Road, driving through the Hilliger National Park, and then turn right onto Vasse Highway/State Route 10. Continue along the Vasse Highway, making sure to stop and have a look at the magnificent Gloucester Tree before reconnecting with National Route 1. Once you enter South Australia this will turn into National Highway A1, taking you to Adelaide. On the way back, make a detour and drive south along the B100 to explore the Jussieu Peninsula, which is home to the Lincoln National Park and Coffin Bay National Park. You can also skip the Southern Forests and Margaret River region and instead take National Highway 94 to see the Dundas Rocks. Another alternative is to take Newdegate-Ravensthorpe Road/State Route 40 to see the incredible Wave Rock formation. Both of these routes will take you back to Perth.

Things to Do on Your Road Trip

Admire dolphins in Monkey Mia

Part of the Shark Bay Marine Park, Monkey Mia is a World Heritage site, with the main attraction being its bottlenose dolphins. The dolphins have been swimming right up to the shore for over 50 years, giving visitors the opportunity to really admire these magnificent creatures. You may also get the chance to see turtles, sharks, dugongs, rays and a variety of fish. Access to Monkey Mia is via a sealed road that can easily be driven on with your campervan.

Sip wine in the Margaret River wine region

There are over 200 wineries in the region, most of which are boutique size wine producers. The region produces over 20 per cent of the country’s premium wine, with main varieties being Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Sémillon, Chenin blanc, Verdelho, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot. Some of the regions top wineries include Leeuwin Estate, Brookland Valley Estate, Accolade Wines, Moss Wood and Woodlands Wines

Hike through the Kalbarri National Park

Walk along the sandstone cliffs that plunge down over 100 metres to the ocean. There are 11 hikes in total within the park that vary in length and class. The easiest walks are the short 200 metre Natural Bridge walk, the 1.2 kilometres Bigurda Boardwalk, the 500 metre Red Bluff lookout and the 300 metre Pederick Lookout. Those that want something a little bit more challenging should hike along the Bigurda Trail, which is eight kilometres each way. 

Swim with Whale Sharks at Ningaloo Reef

The World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reefs rests along the Coral Coast and is Western Australia’s own great reef. The 260 kilometre coastline is fringed with coral reef and is famed for its whale sharks. Snorkel through the coral outcrops to swim with the whale sharks while also catching a glimpse of a plethora of other sea life. Manta rays, dolphins, dugongs and humpback whales all swim within the reef, while loggerhead, green and hawksbill turtles use the beaches as a breeding ground. Ningaloo Reef is also home to 500 species of fish, 300 species of coral, 600 species of molluscs and a vast amount of other marine life.

Ride a Camel at Sunset along Cable Beach

If you make it as far as Broome, be sure to check out the Camel rides offered on the northern parts of the picturesque Cable Beach. The best time to enjoy one of these once in a lifetime rides is when the sun is setting over the Indian Ocean. It truly is a magnificent sight and something that you will never forget. Camel rides can be booked through various tour companies and typically last around one hour.

Climb up the Gloucester Tree

This giant karri tree sits in the Gloucester National Park in the town of Pemberton. It is easy to reach when exploring with your RV rental in Perth, especially if you are driving through the Southern Forests. The Gloucester Tree stands tall at 53 metres high and you can climb up to a platform at the top to enjoy magnificent views of the surrounding forest. It is said to take roughly six hours to get to the top, with only around 20 per cent of the people that attempt the climb actually making it all the way there.

Go surfing in Geraldton

This world class surfing destination is around 400 kilometres north of Perth along the coast of the Indian Ocean. Surfing can be enjoyed during the spring, summer and fall, but in the winter the swells and currents make it quite dangerous. Beginners can take surf lessons at one of the local surfing schools, while pros can just strap their board to their ankle and start surfing. Popular surf spots in Geraldton include Flat Rocks, Greenough, Headbutts, Sunset Beach, Back Beach and Glenfield.

Driving Tips for Your Perth Road Trip

  • Like the rest of Australia, keep to the left side of the road when driving in Western Australia..
  • Wildlife is active in regional areas in Western Australia, so always be cautious, particularly when driving at dawn or dusk.
  • If you plan to steer off of main routes, be sure to rent a campervan in Perth that has 4WD.
  • You should always carry your International Driving Permit if your license in is a language other than English.
  • There are numerous rest stops along main routes, so pull over if you need a break from driving.
  • The speed limits in Western Australia are 50km/h on most city roads and 100km/h on the freeways unless otherwise marked.
  • In Perth itself there are many parking restrictions. Look for spots with a green ‘P’ and be sure to read all signage.
  • If you get into an emergency during your hire, Australia’s emergency number is 000.

Picking Up and Dropping Off Your Camper

Drop off

After your holiday you will, of course, be in a rush to get home or to get to the airport for your flight. But before you hand the keys over and take off, you will need to fill out the Vehicle Handover Report. This will take around 20 minutes to do and will include making note of any damages that you incurred while touring around in your campervan rental in Perth. Be sure to also inform SHAREaCAMPER of any damages as soon as you can.


Be sure to plan to give yourself around 45 minutes with the owner before you drive off to enjoy your thrilling road trip. This will ensure that you have the time that you will need to inspect the vehicle and fill out the SHAREaCAMPER Vehicle Handover Report form. This will include reporting any existing damages or wear on the vehicle, as well as any other details that you want to go over with the owner before you head off.

You want to be sure to give as much notice as you can in regards to your arrival time so that the owner of your Perth campervan hire can coordinate the pickup time with you. If the owner is not meeting you at Perth Airport, feel free to ask for advice on the best way to get from the airport to the vehicle. If you are a Sandgroper, consider how you will pick up your motorhome. If you are going directly to the owner’s home you may want to get a friend or family member to drop you off. If you are driving yourself to fetch your RV rental in Perth then ask the owner about parking options in the area.

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