The Ultimate Guide to Pricing Your Campervan

Article The Ultimate Guide to Pricing Your Campervan

How do you put a price on love? She’s your pride and joy, your one true escape and trusty ticket out of town, but when it comes to renting out your camper, pricing with an unbiased eye is a must.

A lot of factors go into the process of making a successful listing and ensuring happy campers on both sides of the deal. In order to get the return you need on your vehicle and to make sure renters are getting a fair price, take a few moments to come up with a competitive offer that accurately reflects the value of your camper.

Don’t know where to start when it comes to setting a rate? Here’s your comprehensive pricing checklist.

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1. Camper Type

For the purposes of sharing your camper on a platform which offers a wide variety of vehicles, identifying your camper type is definitely the first step in pricing your vehicle. In your camper description, make sure to indicate whether your vehicle is a motorhome, campervan, caravan or car. Also be sure to include whether or not your vehicle is self-contained.

This is not only pertinent information for the traveller, but it can also help you to determine a fair price. Whether your motorhome is fully-stocked for comfort and ease or it’s a simple and minimal van, you have the power to price accordingly.

2. Comfort and Condition

Campers come in all makes, models and ages. These factors all come into play when considering the condition of your vehicle. The wear of your rental can determine its character and add to its charm, so it should be considered when pricing for rental.

Is your vehicle in prime condition with polished surfaces, pristine interiors and a smooth ride? Are there some quirks that your vehicle has gathered along its many adventures? Are leaks and rust just a part of the journey, or are you providing travellers with a five-star experience? Evaluate the comfort, look and mechanical state to find a fair price.

3. Maintenance and Up-Keep

Vehicles that are well cared for and supremely maintained are simply safer, sturdier and more valuable than those left to crumble and age. It can cost a lot to maintain a vehicle, but one of the biggest advantages to camper sharing is that it provides a return on your investment. By getting a well-maintained camper rented and out on the road, you not only ensure a great trip for your guests, but a solid return which will help you to keep the vehicle better maintained.

If you’ve had to make some expensive yet necessary maintenance payments on your camper, rest easy knowing that you can reflect this high quality care in your rental price. If you’ve been letting some vehicle issues go by the wayside, now might be the time to go ahead and make repairs with the confidence that it will help your vehicle have many successful trips in the future.

4. Special Features

What are some added benefits that travellers enjoy with your camper? Think back to any additions or special features that your vehicle has. Have you added a barbecue to the rig or recently reupholstered some interior furnishings? Maybe your camper is a bare-bones bed on wheels with a killer sound system. Maybe it’s a full-on moving suite.

Since each vehicle has its own personality and its own unique perks, take stock of what makes yours special. Make sure to fully describe all these extras, and you can let your price reflect all the advantages that a traveller has when choosing your vehicle for their next excursion.

5. Travel Season

The price of your camper can vary depending on the given travel season. In seasons where travellers may be less likely to rent, adjust your price to make a more enticing offer and to get your camper on the road. In peak travel season, you can then adjust back to your optimal pricing.

To encourage travellers further, you have the option to offer weekly or monthly prices which are set at a reduced rate in comparison to the daily price. Once you think about the best pricing scenario for different time frames, you’ll be ready to fit your needs and desires when it comes to renting out your vehicle.

6. Remember Add-Ins

With SHAREaCAMPER, you have the choice to cover cleaning expenses by incorporating these costs into your rental rate or by adding an additional cleaning fee. Take a moment to think through the cleaning process. This could include washing linens, scrubbing down the bathroom and just general reorganization of your campervan. You also have the choice to charge additional fees for special circumstances. Allowing travel with pets, bike rental and adding in a barbecue are all great offerings. Chances are that a traveller may be interested in paying a little more to enjoy these extras. Have a ready list of these special add-ins and remember to fully disclose any extra costs that lie outside of the flat rental fee.

7. Compare Prices

Finally, once you’ve come up with your price-point, do a quick sanity check by doing a little research. Like anything else on the open market, your campervan rental will be affected by the price of other rentals in your area. Although each vehicle is unique, try finding and comparing one for rent which has similar offerings.

Of course, many of the above factors will make a difference in pricing from vehicle to vehicle but, in general, finding some points of comparison can show you whether your campervan price stacks up as a good deal.

If you are interested in SHAREaCAMPER and its services for camper owners and travellers feel free to contact us by email, give our friendly team a call or contact us on Facebook.

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