The Anatomy of a Kickass Camper Description

Article The Anatomy of a Kickass Camper Description

Does your camper have a solar shower or running water? Does it run warm or only cold? How big is the fridge? Are utensils included in the kitchenette? Does the living space include any kind of entertainment such as DVDs, card games or a radio? So many questions come into making a successful camper description when you prepare to rent out your camper .

For first-time and even veteran campers, exploring the world in a new vehicle can be a daunting task but one that’s definitely worth it. What makes the whole process possible is a candid description from the owner. Thorough camper descriptions also help cut down on redundant questions or problematic rentals, so everyone benefits when you take the time to make a great description!

Most importantly, an accurate and specific listing results in higher reviews and a better experience overall. So to get ready to make some money with your camper by taking some time and care to make your listing.

Camper Capacity

A good place to start may be simply to imagine other travellers in your camper. Is there a minimum age that you'd like to require for drivers? Does your camper have baby or children’s seats? How many people do you think could realistically travel in you camper?

You make the rules when it comes to who rents your vehicle, so be sure to come up with a realistic idea of who will have a great time in your camper. Include a description of the bed(s) and/or various sleeping areas as well as a maximum capacity.

Driving Logistics

An accurate and thorough description of the practical elements of the vehicle is key to camper rental and will help your vehicle and the travellers come back in good condition. Is your vehicle good for off-roading or smooth roads only? Does it have power steering?

Make sure to address whether your vehicle has a manual transmission or automatic. Measurements of weight, height, width and length are vital in helping travellers determine if your vehicle is the right size for their driving needs and capabilities, so be sure to include them. The same goes for whether your camper has rear or 4 wheel drive.

Including the fuel type is important not only for your car’s maintenance but for travellers to get an idea of fuel costs. If you can, include an estimate of fuel consumption and/or costs.

Key Facilities

Every potential traveller is going to need to know exactly what your camper includes as far as a shower, toilet, waste water tank and more. Describe the main points of your facilities with an eye for detail. Is there usually enough hot water for two consecutive showers? Is there any specific insight or advice you can offer about your vehicle’s WC?

Don’t leave out important information about the kitchen. Is yours fully stocked or is it more of a makeshift canteen? If your kitchen includes a microwave, sink, fridge, gas stove or utensils, be sure to include them all.

Finally, add a list of other important items such as a fire extinguisher, first aid kit or other emergency devices.

Special Features

What makes your camper shine? From a great coffee machine to fold-out tables to a great stereo system, everyone’s going to want to know about the best your vehicle has to offer.

Let your future travellers know whether they should bring their own linens, GPS devices or entertainment options. Include any other unique features such as an awning, air conditioning, barbeque or roof rack.

Personal Touch

To make a unique and engaging listing, include a personal touch by sharing what inspired you to invest in this vehicle. What is your favorite part of camping in this vehicle? Did you just do a custom refurbishing?

What makes your camper special to you is what will make it stand out to potential renters, so include a nice personal touch. By getting to know you through your great listing, travellers will also gain a trust and respect for you which makes for a lovely sharing community.

Start brainstorming now and let us know what makes your camper special!

Any questions? Just comment below, send us an email, give our friendly team a call or contact us on Facebook. We are happy to help!

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