A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Camper Listing

Article A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Camper Listing

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Once you've signed up at SHAREaCAMPER this everything you need to know to make a stand out camper listing:

1. Essential Elements

Start your camper listing out strong by designating your vehicle with a special, stand-out name. Get creative and have some fun: What's your favorite memory in your campervan? Is it visually striking? What special feature makes it shine above the rest? These questions will help you land on a memorable name that will catch many a traveller's eye.

The "location" field denotes where a traveller can expect to pick up the vehicle, so identify where is best for them to meet you for the exchange; the drop-off radius a nifty tool which allows you to tell travellers how far you're willing to go in order to drop off or pick up the vehicle.

The last items of this intro section are simple: your make, model and vehicle class. Don't forget to include these simple but critical details.

2. Your Own Words

Next, you get a chance to share your personality, wishes and advisory. This is a vital part of your camper listing, as it is the most indicative of your personality. Highlight the great aspects of your vehicle with a kickass camper description. Then, include your house rules, be they on the subjects of smoking or eating certain foods in the vehicle, travelling with pets or more. Finally, let the travellers know exactly what travel restrictions you have for your vehicle. Is it adequate for dirt roads? Should campers take cautions in certain circumstances?

For more help on setting guidelines and expectations for your future travellers, see this helpful blog poston what to include in your campervan manual.

3. Important Facts

There are a few facts that a traveller is sure to look for first after they've gained interest in renting your campervan. This basic information will help a person confirm whether or not your camper is the right fit.

It's easy and fast to provide this important information. To make sure future guests can actually be comfortable travelling in your vehicle, be certain to fill out the fields regarding transmission, engine type and power, and mileage as well as how many beds and seatbelts are included.

4. Key Details

It's important to get specific when it comes to campervans and finding the right match for yours, so include these key details to make sure travellers know exactly what to expect.

First of all, consider your price. What's a good balance between getting your money's worth out of this rental period and providing a fair and competitive price? To consider all the important options, see our pricing tips.

Next, provide all the stats on your vehicle including adequate figures of its size and weight.

Lastly, select which of these items–Four Wheel Drive, Burglar Alarm, Certified Self-Contained–your vehicle offers.

5. Special Features

Every camper is unique with a different set of tools and strengths, but it can be hard to think about all of the individual features that make your vehicle a great one. That's why we've created a list to help you easily identify and select any special features your campervan has.

Simply read through our list and select the ones which apply to your vehicle. Did you notice any features that your campervan has, but this list doesn't include? Great! Simply go back up to your "camper description" box and write it in!

6. Registration and Certifications

Any owner knows that having a campervan comes along with a fair amount of documentation. Before you rent out your vehicle or even think about renting it out, you'll need to make sure all of the registration and certifications are up to scruff.

Please share any relevant validation in regards to your vehicle. Simply move the cursor over the grey text and click. I calendar will appear in which you can simply navigate to the correct date as stated on the document and select. If you don't have any of the mentioned documents, just leave the field as is.

7. Quality Photos

The most important task when it comes to catching future renters is to provide them with some good campervan eye candy. The "Preview Image" field will serve as your camper's main profile image–the one that will make that very important first impression. Simply click the "Choose File" button and select the correct image from your personal files.

A picture truly does provide a 1,000 words, so be sure to include additional images of the interior, exterior and special features. You can do this by adding additional files in the "Picture" field. Uploading these files can take awhile, so be patient as you add files and wait until they are fully processed before moving on to a different page.

Need a quick tutorial on taking amazing campervan photos? Check out these stand-out photo pro tips!

8. Save Your Work

Last but certainly not least, be sure to save your draft. By this point, you've put in some serious quality work, and it would be a shame to lose it before you navigate away!

Congrats! You have just created a completely comprehensive camper listing–one that is sure to get lots of attention and booking requests! After you have selected "save draft," SHAREaCAMPER will review the information to insure that everything looks good. We will get in touch with you about any concerns, and once everything check out, your listing will go live.

What are you waiting for? The whole process takes a tiny slice of your afternoon, so get it done now and get ready for booking requests to start rolling in!


Attention New Zealand Owners: One very important thing to note for proper registration is the Transport Service Licence (TSL). New Zealand requires this official certificate for all rental vehicles. Read here more about why you need a TSL.

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