SHAREaCAMPER Owner Story: Alison Cary

Article SHAREaCAMPER Owner Story: Alison Cary

Alison has had her camper since 2007. While some years she uses it quite often, other years she barely gets a chance to take it away. Her favourite way to camp is to freedom camp or stay in DOC camps near the beach. We asked Alison about her experience sharing her camper “Wanda“ with others.

Tell us a bit more about your experience with your first completed booking, especially meeting the travellers?

“The well-seasoned travellers were two German sisters who used the trip to New Zealand to spend time together. One sister lives in New York and the other one in Germany.

After an awkward start to the booking, because a mechanical fault manifested the day before their arrival, the fun-loving pair came to love Wanda just like we do.

We treated our guests as long-lost friends with dinner and an overnight stay in our spare room. They took off for a couple of local day trips while our camper was repaired. They had allowed themselves plenty of time to travel around New Zealand, so despite starting the booking later than planned they still got to the ferry in time for a start of a happy camper holiday.“

Have you stayed in touch with them?

“Yes we have. We have exchanged email addresses as they were keen to share photographs with us.“

What do you like most about sharing your camper with others?

“I am glad the the camper is being used and doesn‘t gather green algae in my driveway. Also Diesel engines need to be used now and then.

I like the idea that renting out my camper can both cover the annual running costs, but also allow to save some money to replace our camper when it gets too old.“

Why do you use SHAREaCAMPER?

“A proven mechanism for match-making would-be travellers with me and my camper. SHAREaCAMPER is a very approachable company with friendly and enthusiastic support over the phone. Kris (sales director) even took the time to meet me and my camper.“

Any advice you would like to give other motorhome owners?

“If you have a friendly nature and generous spirit, SHAREaCAMPER is a great concept to embrace. Relax and enjoy the knowledge that your asset is making some money. Have fun meeting new people and fellow travellers, sharing travel tips about the delights of New Zealand.“

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