Is your camper hanging out in your driveway? Rent it out and make some money!

Article Is your camper hanging out in your driveway? Rent it out and make some money!

Getting away every weekend and exploring beautiful New Zealand in your campervan every chance you get…that would be the dream! But the reality is that life gets in the way any you might not get out as often as you want. So instead of leaving your camper parked up the driveway collecting dust, why not make some cash from it?

We are sure there are many camper owners out there in the world who have had the same idea–let’s be honest, it is a pretty good idea to use an asset you already own to make some pocket money on the side.

The Concept

SHAREaCAMPER is a sharing platform that enables private camper owners to rent out their vehicles to private travellers. That means that owners can put their assets to good use and travellers get a unique experience at a good price.

Check out Camper Bob's story:

Camper Bob's Story

Unbeatable Insurance

Travellers and owners alike can breathe easy knowing that the rental vehicle is fully insured through our optimal and mandatory coverage. This coverage is free of charge for vehicle owners (while you must still maintain your own private insurance) and fully covers your vehicle from pick-up to drop-off.

Travellers must verify their ID and proper driver's licences before making a booking, so when you rent out your vehicle with SHAREaCAMPER, you know it is in good hands.

You're In Control

When you list and rent out your camper on our platform, you maintain control of all the details. You are the master of your rental calendar, so if you want to take your own camper trip, you are more than free to block out those days in your rental calendar. You have total power to choose your price and you can also choose to charge a cleaning fee and offer extra items such as beach umbrellas, bikes, surfboards and more at an additional charge.

Finally, you are still the master of your domain, so when it comes to smokers, pets, kids, daily mileage and more, you get to set the ground rules of your camper on our platform. Here at SHAREaCAMPER, we are always ready to assist should any problems arise, and communication with your guests is quick and easy over our platform.

How It Works

We have done all the hard work for you: You can sign up and list your camper for free, make extra cash and breathe easy that your vehicle is in good hands. And all of this takes place simply and swiftly on our online platform while our country-specific offices are always available to help on the ground.

We can offer all of these services by charging a 15% commission on your rental revenue as well as a small one-off fee from your first hire to cover the 12-month roadside assistance subscription.

Start Today!

It's simple, secure and free of charge, so head over to the SHAREaCAMPER platform to start earning some extra cash!

Getting your camper listing up and running takes a few steps, but we've kept the hassle to a minimum.

Don't know what a Transport Service Licence is? Want to hear more about the insurance? Any questions? Just comment below, send us an email, give our friendly team a call or contact us on Facebook. We are happy to help!

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