How to Create Your Campervan Manual

Article How to Create Your Campervan Manual

Getting ready to rent out your campervan is like getting ready to say goodbye to your baby,  your pride and joy--it can be a little tough at first. With odds and ends like checking up on the maintenance, updating your registration and just getting the vehicle cleaned up, there’s enough to do without having to spend hours worrying if your guests know how to treat your rental right.

That’s why we have devised a simple list to lead you through the process of creating your very own campervan manual.

To better communicate with your guests about the rules of your campervan and to convey any other special information, a manual is a must. Make a brief version to share on your camper description and also include a laminate version to keep for reference in your campervan.

1. Contact Information

Hopefully your guests will be rolling smoothly and without any worries, but by providing your phone number, you can rest easy knowing they have your information should they have any snags.

2. Campervan Rules

It’s your campervan, so guests need to follow your rules. Can’t think of anything in particular? Here are some considerations to make:
  • Is smoking allowed in the vehicle?
  • Are pets welcome? What kinds and how many?
  • How many people may be on board at a time?

3. Safety Information

Safe campers are happy campers, and you'll be grateful too when your camper comes back safe and sound. Think over the important precautions you take when travelling in your vehicle.

  • Where is the fire extinguisher located? Are there simple instructions you can provide on how to use it?
  • Does the vehicle have a first aid kit? Where is it located and what does it contain?
  • Is there any emergency maintenance advice special to your vehicle which you can provide?

4. How To’s

Every campervan has its own lovely personality and with that comes its quirks and its special tips. Share anything about your vehicle that might be unexpected or necessary information.

  • Does your kitchen have any tricky appliances?
  • How does one correctly fill the gas tank, access the water storage, etc
  • What kind of roads should travellers avoid or feel free to take when driving your vehicle?

5. Security and Local Know-How

The wisdom of a local is crucial to camper sharing, so provide maps in your glove box and any other useful information to help your guests enjoy their ride. Also take this chance to remind them to properly lock up the vehicle!

  • Directions on how to properly lock up the vehicle: Are there specific doors and windows to double check?
  • Advice on where to camp in the surrounding area: Is there freedom camping available? What are your favorite campgrounds
  • What to look out for on the road: Are there animals that could be dangerous to vehicle or travellers?

6. Friendly Reminders

The goal is to share resources and keep the world beautiful, so friendly reminders to properly dispose of waste are always great.


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