How to Be a 5 Star Host

Article How to Be a 5 Star Host

You’ve had a ton of wonderful experiences and unforgettable times in your campervan, and that’s just the same goal when a guest books with you via SHAREaCAMPER.

Doing everything to help guests travel safely and happily in your vehicle will help you not only ensure a successful rental but stellar reviews on the platform too!

To ensure  your visitors have a great time and all the information needed, follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Give Your Campervan a Special Touch

Campers are relying on your campervan as a home on wheels for their trip, so make sure it’s welcoming!

  • The first rule in preparing your campervan is making sure it is tidy and clean. If you have a lot of personal clutter, clear it out and make sure your campers have room to unwind – do leave one or two fun items to preserve the campervan’s (and your own) personality.
  • What makes the campervan special to you? These are the aspects to highlight as you prepare for the rental.
  • Check that all amenities and features are up and working in your campervan, and double check that any features you offered specifically on the platform are present and ready to go.
  • Any important documents and licenses should be tucked away neatly but in a place easily accessible should your guests need them, and be sure to point these out upon pick-up.
  • Lastly, make sure your camper shines from the inside out: give that exterior a good wash.

2. Stay in Communication

Good planning and smooth transactions require communication. From the moment of booking, you will have the ability to message your guest over the SHAREaCAMPER platform.

  • We strongly recommend sharing your phone number so that guests have a more immediate way to contact you as well.
  • Getting to know the necessary specifics of your guests travel plans will enable you to agree on a place and time for pick-up. Each situation will be unique, so don’t neglect this planning and stay close to your devices as unforeseen events can happen and transit times can sometimes change.
  • As with any trip, unexpected things can happen, and your guests may need to contact you during their travels in regards to a vehicle question or to inquire on the possibility of shortening or extending the trip. Make sure you have a way to receive any messages during the rental period.

3. Share Your Local Knowledge

Safe campers are happy campers.

  • Do your best to provide adequate local knowledge on the roads and abilities of your vehicle. This information will not only help travellers stay on safe and interesting roads, but will add to their unique experience of traveling like a local in a local campervan.
  • If you and your guest have the time, go ahead and sit with them for a cup of tea. This gives you a chance to get to know each other and allows them have a quick rest before hitting the road. Maybe take the moment to peruse a map together, pointing out special places to visit and troublesome places to avoid. Your guest will appreciate the inside scoop, and you can feel great with the chance to get to know your guests.
  • Your local knowledge includes any special tips on driving in your vehicle as well as how to best travel eco-wise in your country. For the sake of your vehicle and the success of the trip, make sure to share any advice on these matters both via message before the trip and at pick-up.
Bring yourself a little luck and up your ratings and reviews by providing your guests with hearty hospitality. Keep in mind all the joys and good times you've had in your journeys, and know that you're contributing to a thriving community of respectful camper lovers.

The SHAREaCAMPER team is always here to help, so contact us if you have any problems or questions about your bookings.

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