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Article Caravans of the Future

In today's camper market is strong demand for new design and personalized, tailor-made solutions. People want to be mobile but at the same time, have a strong desire for a lasting home and their own personal four walls.

These four caravans are spec’d to the nines, with fold-out sections, sustainable off-grid solutions and even features of a yacht.

#1 - Sealander Caravan

The Sealander is developed and built in Germany and combines the features of a caravan and yacht in one. One thrust from the engine and the noise of the beach dies away to a distant murmur. This swimming caravan is the ideal choice for those who like splashing around in the water while camping.

Sealander Video

#2 - The Romotow

Without a doubt the Romotowis a head-turning innovation made in New Zealand, that folds out like a Swiss Army Knife, offering roughly 70 percent more living space than an average caravan trailer. It promises a stress free, spacious and comfy escape for all sorts of exciting outdoor adventures. Its point of difference is a living area that uniquely extends out from its sheltered exterior, with an ingenious automated swivel, to reveal up to 70% more floor area to enjoy

Open and Spin Video

#3 - The Ecocapsule

Ecocapsule is a low-energy house packed into a compact form. It merges an energy-efficient shape, compact volume and off-grid capabilities with the luxuries of a warm bed, running water and a hot meal.

The completely self-sustaining design, featuring its own solar panel system and high-capacity 9,700-watt-hour battery, tripled with a 750-watt wind turbine, allows for up to a year’s worth of energy. Completed with a built-in kitchenette with running water, toilet and hot shower this mobile home can be shipped, airlifted, towed or even pulled by a pack animal.

#4 - The Mehrzeller

The Mehrzeller seems like an odd concept but believe us, there is a method to the madness – it’s to show what is possible with today’s caravans. This multicellular caravan can be designed in any way you like, so it’s completely personalised. The people behind the Mehrzeller work with their customers to figure out exactly what they need, then to build a caravan that is completely personalized and seems as though it developed organically one cell at a time.

Camper of the future?

Quite cool, isn't it!

If we had to choose one we would probably pick the Sealander. Which one would you like to call your own?

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