Better Photos for more Bookings

Article Better Photos for more Bookings

The photos of your camper are the most important element of your listing. Simply put, having great photos gets you more bookings! Follow these guidelines to maximise the success of your listing.

Shake off the dust

Before you touch your camera grab the hose and vacuum. Your trusty home away from home has served you well but all those kilometres you’ve racked up have left their mark. Hirers will want to see your rig at its best so get it cleaned up before you Get it out of the driveway Travellers want to picture themselves on their big adventure so get your camper out of the driveway and into its natural habitat. Find somewhere nice nearby like some local bushland or a park and set up.

Think about lighting

Great lighting is one of the most important parts of any photo. Make sure there is lots of natural light available, particularly for those indoor shots. Make sure none of your camper’s best features are obscured in shadow. If you want to really impress take the exterior shots around sunrise just before sunset to catch that golden hour glow. The golden hour calculator can help you determine the perfect time in your area.

Composition is key

There’s no need to go overboard with fancy angles, just make sure you get your whole vehicle in the exterior shots and that you are displaying key features with the interior shots. Focus on using landscape shots as often as possible and don’t be afraid to put your camper’s best features on display. Think about setting up the camping table and chairs under the awning or setting up the different configurations inside.

Pick the perfect cover photo

Make a great first impression. This is the picture that will charm the traveller into clicking on your listing. Think about using your favourite snap that shows off the vehicle in a great location or from its best angle.

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