The perfect match for your motorhome - Define your target market

Article The perfect match for your motorhome - Define your target market

The best way to ensure travellers renting your campervan treat it with the same care you do, is to market your camper to likeminded travellers.

From the listing description of your camper to the photos and features of your camper, you are able to attract the kind of travellers who have the same interests as you.

Here are our top 5 tips for finding your camper’s traveller match.

1. What is your niche?:

When listing your camper, it is important to know what you offer and what your niche is, so that you can attract the right kind of traveller to appreciate and respect that.

Think through the features of your camper that compliment your travelling style and the points of difference in your camper. Once you have identified these points, you will start to create an idea of your ideal customer.

If your camper is set up in a more relaxed travelling style, then perhaps a retired couple looking for a quieter trip would be an ideal fit to rent your van, rather than a young family of 5 or a group of off-road adventure seekers.

As you work out what your niche is, you will be able to communicate those features that you offer succinctly and market your camper to its perfect match.

2. You don’t need to make your camper fit for everyone:

Your campervan was purchased primarily for you and your adventures, so don’t feel the need to equip it with an endless number of features that will appeal to every possible travelling scenario. There will be plenty of travellers who share your interests and ultimately those are the travellers that you want to share your camper with.

It’s a great idea to invest in specific features that will make your experience and your traveller’s experience more enjoyable, but at the end of the day, those features should fit in with your style just as much as theirs.

3. Drawing boundaries in your listing:

You have worked hard for your camper, so feel free to set boundaries around the use of it. If you refrain from having pets, smoking, cooking fish or driving on gravel roads, it is perfectly reasonable for you to expect the same from your travellers.

Think through the standards you maintain for your van when travelling and then all you have to do is clearly outline your expectations within reason, on your listing description.

4. Express personality (and even quirks) in your listing description:

Your unique camper will undoubtedly reflect your unique personality, so go ahead and show that side in your listing description. Travellers love to feel like they know the owners and the camper they will be spending days, weeks or even months in, so let that personality shine!

Here you can tell potential travellers all of the quirks that you love about your camper and let likeminded travellers fall in love with your van in the same way that you have.

5. Include photos of your own travels to make it more personal:

Help your travellers to visualize their next adventure in your campervan! By including photos of your travels in the van, potential travellers will get an insight into the functions and personality of the camper, as well as inspiration for their own trips.

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