7 Top Photo Tips for a Stand-Out Camper Listing

Article 7 Top Photo Tips for a Stand-Out Camper Listing

In order to get travellers to rent your camper, you'll want to entice them visually with some good quality shots of your ride. Great images which not only convey the beauty of your camper, but also its facilities and condition will help you connect with the perfect match when it comes to renting out your camper.

Tips to make your camper visually stand out from the crowd

1. Make It Light and Bright

Welcome viewers to a photo-tour of your camper by making sure the light in your images is adequate. A difference in lighting determines the difference between a creepy or inviting camper van. Make sure to take photos during the day when the sunlight can illuminate darkened corners and hidden nooks and crannies. Proper lighting will have your camper looking fresh and clean as well as give the viewer an honest glimpse.

2. Highlight Special Features

Possible renters want to see what makes your camper special. Do you have an especially comfortable living space? Does your vehicle have a sweet new paint job? Is your kitchen notably equipped? Do you have solar panels built-in or a BBQ? Make sure to include images of all the features that make your camper stand out from the others.

3. Snap Landscape Images

Capture a broad and detailed photo by using landscape images in favour of portrait views. Generally, horizontal images are an appropriate fit for camper listings as their shape allows for a wider span and better visibility overall. If you have a wide-angle lens, put it to use as that is the best option for these images.

4. Use Unique Angles

A creative use of angles in your images provides a unique feel to your camper. Having an eye for angles also prevents you from getting mired down in the unimportant details and from taking unnecessary or unhelpful photos. Shoot into a corner of your camper from an adequate distance to convey the dimensions and unique perspectives of your vehicle.

5. Show off Your Cleanliness

If you’re planning on renting out your camper, you’ll want to de-cluttering the interior and give your vehicle a good washing. Make a habit of regular cleans, and this is true especially before taking images for your listing. You’ll be hosting these travellers in your vehicle, so welcome them from the start by providing an inviting and clean view.

6. Tweak It Like A Pro

A bit of photo editing will go a long way. For extra great results you can use free picture editing tools such as Fotor, Picmonkey or even a trial version of Photoshop Elements. Photo editing will definitely help when to make your pictures look brilliant and make your camper shine.

7. Provide a Good Mix

When making a good camper listing, the more photos the better. Be specific with your images and once you have them taken, double check to make sure you’ve covered all of the important points of the vehicle.

Sharing your photos is like telling a story: Start with a high quality image that will grab a viewer’s attention, then follow-up with images that showcase all of the important aspects in a nice flow. By creating a well-captured story of your vehicle, you’ll not only be informing future renters, but inspiring them to rent your vehicle and take to the road. Invest some time into sharing your camper and spend a short afternoon implementing these easy tips.

Who could now resist to rent your camper!? Do you have more tips to get the best photographic results to showcase your camper? We'd love to hear in the comments how you do it.

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