6 Reasons to Rent a Motorhome for Your Next Adventure

Article 6 Reasons to Rent a Motorhome for Your Next Adventure

Are you tired of hearing shouts of "Are we there yet?" and miles and miles of bickering in the backseat? Are you sick of your travels being hindered by the logistics of packing, repacking and making strict reservations? It might just be time to consider the many advantages of the motorhome. Here are the top 6 reasons to hit the road with style and in comfort for your next holiday.

1. More Vehicles, More Problems

If your idea of freedom is travelling when you want, for how long you want and where you want, then a motorhome is for you. Hotel reservations? Forget them. Camping fees? Don't bother. In a motorhome, you can drive all night and sleep all day. You can set up camp simply by shifting into park. You won't want for a shower, a fresh cooked meal or the adventure of the next bend in the road.

2. You, a Motorhome and the Open Road

If your travels include a great number of passengers and a great number of miles, it's best to get everyone under one roof and on the move together. Coordinating routes, paying camping fees and just not being able to bond with your fellow travelling companions are all problems solved by a motorhome.

3. Drive Easy and Without Sway

It's a surprising fact, but motorhomes generally drive easier and don't suffer from sway in comparison to other options which involve towing another vehicle. No, you probably shouldn't go off-roading in your 7 meter motorhome, but you will have a better chance at driving through windy weather and navigating turns without a trailer throwing you off course.

4. Party for the Passengers

We all know the hell that is cramped legs, stale air and boredom in traditional road trips. Skip all that unpleasantness and breathe easy in a motorhome where passengers can make a snack, take a nap in a bed or use the toilet while on the go.

5. Keep Mileage Low

One of the biggest ways to waste time on a holiday is with tedious transit. Having to get from one train to one bus to a destination and then back the same route can suck the adventure out of a trip quick. Options that allow you to leave a camper for a more rugged day trip also require one to double-back to camp. In a motorhome, you can see all the sites and keep moving forward.

6. Home is Everywhere

Once your motorhome is packed and ready to go, there's no more dealing with luggage or securing a pack. Additionally, at any point before, during or after sightseeing, you can hop into your motorhome and use the toilet, make some tea or just take some rest. There's no need to hail a cab back to the hotel, hop on a bus back to the city or suffer a sketchy convenience store bathroom; simply open your front door to the world yet to be explored, or duck inside for a little bit of respite.

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