6 Great Tips For A Successful Motorhome Handover

Article 6 Great Tips For A Successful Motorhome Handover

As you prepare your campervan, your pride and joy, to be hired out through SHAREaCAMPER, we have a few tips to make handover an experience both you and the traveller are comfortable with.

6 great tips for a successful motorhome handover

#1 Take note and keep records of any damage to the vehicle before handover.

This is a great thing for both you and the traveller to agree on before the handover of keys. If both parties have inspected the vehicle prior to handover, then both can rest assured they are on the same page with regards to the condition of the vehicle.

Tip: A good idea is to take photos of the vehicle from all angles before and after the trip to keep for your records.

#2 - Have an inventory of the campervan contents.

If you keep count and record of the contents of your campervan, such as the number of pots, cutlery, plates and dvds, then it’s easy for the traveller to ensure everything is in its place before returning it.

#3 - Make sure you allow enough time for handover.

Both parties need to recognize that as this is a private hire so handover is going to take a little longer than a commercial hire. Owners, just let your traveller know when you plan the handover that they should allow a little extra time to chat.

#4 - Show your travellers the ins and outs of your vehicle. Things like how to adjust the beds, how to empty the waste tank and any quirks the vehicle might have, are great to physically demonstrate to your traveller. It’s much better for your traveller to know of any tricks they should use with the vehicle beforehand, rather than having to figure it out on the go.

#5 - Agree on a method of communication. During your handover, discuss the channel of communication that will be used between yourself and the traveller. Whether it is through the SHAREaCAMPER messaging system, via whatsapp or email, it is best if both of you are aware of the channel to keep an eye out for during the trip.

#6 - Remind your traveller about Roadside Assistance . All SHAREaCAMPER vehicles are covered by Roadside Assistance the minute they hit the road. In Australia it is with the RAC and in New Zealand, the NZRA, so it’s always a good idea to remind your traveller of that cover they have access to!

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